Entry related notice/disclaimer

  • All entry work including idea sheets (from hereon, “entry work” will be the collective term) has to be limited to applicant’s original idea which has not been presented both domestically and internationally.
  • This project is held for recovery support of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Applicant has an advance consent that he/her original entry work will be exhibited, published, and exposed on websites by the executive committee (from hereon, will call it “organizer”). And also, when entry work, entry content/idea is released, it can be freely utilized or executed by people related with devastated area and public for free of charge as recovery support purposes.
  • At times of third party utilization and execution of entry work and entry content/idea, organizer will not take any responsibility if ever there arise any trouble/conflict between the applicant and the third party
  • Photos, printed materials, and human portrait, etc. included in the entry work has to be limited to those with approval from copyright holder or from the portrayed person and any other right holder, that it will be used in this entry work and that in compliance with this rules and regulations, organizer and the third party will release and utilize the work.
  • Entry work that is applicable to the following will be excluded from evaluation candidate, or even after the award presentation there is a possibility of voiding the given award.
    1. (1)Entry work with idea and design which is the same or similar to previously presented work.
    2. (2)Entry work that clearly violates other copyrights or industrial property rights.
    3. (3)Entry work that refuse exposure to the public through exhibition, publishing, website and any other way.
  • Entry work is non-returnable.
  • Organizer will hold related rights to exhibiting, presenting and publishing of entry work. Also, if necessary, organizer may accordingly modify (revised, edited, processed, made into motion picture, etc) and use entry work for the purpose of this exhibit, presentation and publishing.
  • Personal information of the applicant will be used for releasing of the entry work and award presentation, contacting in regards to management or document shipping, notifying related event information, statistical processing and etc.